DOZZELL is a small unisex apparel & accessories brand, dedicated to thoughtful slow creation, offering handmade pieces that explore functionality, natural materials and slow processes. Our aim is to reduce unnecessary impact on other beings and our planet while providing an alternative to mass production by creating timeless pieces and celebrating the beauty of imperfection that comes with craftsmanship.

Working on a seasonless basis, each piece is crafted from fabrics selected for their quality, character and designed for the user to feel a little closer to nature. All of our collections are purposefully created for everyday use & reducing waste, in beautiful simple shapes and dyed by hand in earthy colour palettes from plants and vegetables that are locally sourced or foraged. Clothing and accessories are more than just fabric that covers our bodies or fills our homes, they can be an expression of who we are, how we feel, and a reflection of our values.

Each piece from our collection is designed, developed and produced by hand in our small home studio in Chiba, Japan, or in collaboration with local artisans. DOZZELL uses materials hand-woven and machine-woven from Japan and India, handpicked for their authenticity, durability and originality.

The apparel collection is handmade and hand-dyed in-house, while the silver jewellery is made in Tokyo by a local artist where a collaborative effort has been made through inventive approaches to age-old techniques.

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